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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  January 26, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EST

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now, "good morning, maryland." a wint storm warning is in -- winter storm warning is in effect until tomorrow. these are live pictures this morning. justin has more on how cold it's going to be and what happens within the next 24 hours. also, a city police officer killed when his cruiser crashes into a fire truck. now, we may know what happened. and everyone was sitting together, but it's politics as usual. how the parties reacted to the state of the union address last night. all those stories ahead. good morning, i am megan pringle. >> i am charlie crowson. it's wednesday january 26th. let's check the forecast because snow and winter weather will be the big story throughout the day. justin is very happy with the forecast. and look at that. that is the look of contentment.
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>> i am waiting for you to finish. i know you happy. he loves making snowballs. and this is a good snowball making weather. the burst of snow was right on schedule at 3 a.m. but the heavy burst of snow is dropping 1 to two inches. moderate to heavy snow coming down. temperatures were just above freezing. and dropped to 31, 32. enough to allow the stuff to stick and cause problems. the reason why we have the banner at the bottom of the screen with the school closings and delays. now here's the issue for my friends in ann arunde county. reports from annapolis looks like it is mixing over. annapolis got rain and sleet pushing through severna park and glen burnie and it's heading up towards columbia. columbia, ellicott city might be on the snow-sleet line. that's the issue crossing 706789 that's not going to be a fun trip. wood lawn, we have sleet and mostly snow up towards owings mills. probably two inches on the ground there. we have ourselves moderate to heavy snow through baltimore county up towards harford county.
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a widespread report from abington to bel air. two inches on the ground towards elkton where sleet is mixing in. here's the deal. winter storm warning up the eastern shore from queen anns to kent to cecil county. harford and baltimore county and city, howard and carroll and frederick county winter storm warning. and southern pa, heavy snow across the border. winter weather advisory, that's annapolis. anne arundel toward dc and easton, warmer temperatures more of a mix, and a delay of the turnover this evening and tonight will cut into the snowfall expectation. we have and ich or two already. the snow stickage this morning and all day will be depending on the temperatures. we were at 5 a.m. at 29 and 33, the spread. so today, the part one, a mix to rain especially baltimore southbound. don't despair. if it stops for a few hours, or just turns wet, we all will have heavy snow developing before the evening. so be careful if you have afternoon activity. we are expecting to have two parts of the storm. we will talk about part number
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two and the final snow totals in a moment. 6:02. here's kim brown. >> reporter: this morning howard county anne arundel county and baltimore county have all implemented the snow emergency plans and that could mean restricted parking in someplaces. the roadways will be the first to get treated hopefully as --hopefully. as we look live, some of the lanes don't appear to be all open. especially the far left lane approaching the shoulder. so, just keep in mind that some of the area roadways are in the process of getting treated and plowed. but not every place has been hit as of yet. going to the maps, this is what we are dealing with in terms of incidents. around the beltway, a crash on the outer loop approaching stevenson and inner loop approaching the jfx an earlier accident cleared out of the travel portion but we have activity on both shoulders. outer loop loch raven boulevard an accident still reported there. but this is a big crash we are keeping an eye on. southbound 95 one mile as you approach route 302. an accident involving a tractor
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trailer action pickup truck and a jeep had the southbound lanes closed. i am getting word they hope to have that reopened soon. not reopen as of yet. traffic does begin to jam as you approach route 100. expect to see bailout volume on the bw parkway southbound as well. an accident coming in, 195 eastbound approaching 295. now back to you. >> thanks. it's four minutes after six. bad weather and a water main break are two things you hate to hear as you head out the door to go to work. sherrie johnson is out there live to tell you how both will affect your commute if you have to go somewhere today. >> reporter: good morning. we are here in northeast baltimore on east coldspring lane near morgan state university. you can see the snow is steady coming down. it has been coming down for a couple hours. it's pretty on the trees and just leaving the roadways snow covered. of course, the crews will have to tackle the main roads first and then the secondary streets in the neighborhood. but right now, this morning, you want to use caution because many of the streets just like
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this snow covered. in the meantime, all this snow means no work on a this water main break. crews actually had to stop and they probably will not be able to come back out here for much of the day until it stops snowing. this all happened yesterday around noon. a 12-inch pipe burst which caused crews to shut down the streets between harford and hillen road. it could be interestingy for drivers because argone -- tricky for drivers because argone can't be used for detour because it's closed for bridge reconstruction. the water main break affected eight our nine homes. morgan state university is not affected. but the department of public works brought in engineers to help with the premayors once they can -- repairs once they can begin work. the pipe is 80 years old and close to the surface, making it tough to repair. cold temperatures and now the snow has also made it difficult to repair. and crews they were hoping to have this road reopen sometime today. but now, with all of the snow,it will probably be
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tomorrow. you know, or friday before they can get out here and finish repairing the road. reporting live in northeast baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> thanks. it's 6:05. let's check in with linda so out in the snow this morning outside the abc2 studios with a check upof what's going on out there. hey. >> reporter: hey, so 30 minutes ago, the snow kind of lightened up. now you can see it's coming down pretty hard. the flakes have gotten bigger. it's coming down hard, and about 30 minutes ago, i said, we had i'd say an inch and a half. and within that time, we have picked up another quarter of an inch. and now we are close to two inches. so, this is a pretty fast moving storm or at least the snow is coming down pretty hard. we have got jack over here who actually treats our sideways and park lot. hey, jack. jack. he is going to come over in a little bit to tell us what he dealt with this morning. but our -- but our morning producer dave, who drove in
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around five this morning told us charles street in towson was not treated yet and it was pretty tricky. if you are familiar with the area, it's big hill you have to drive up. and without the snowplows that have came through, the roads were pretty tricky out there. so, you want to take it easy. jack tells us that when he was out this morning, it is pretty slippery out there. not all the plows have gotten to the major roads so you want to be careful if you are heading out to work and you have to deal with that. just take it easy. take it slow. the cars, that's what you are going to have to deal with. snow covered on the cars. so leave yourself extra time to clean off your car. hey, jack. you have a minute quickly? this is jack again, who clears out our parking lot. so, how are the roads looking this morning? >> well, they are icy and slippery. not real easy but the salt trucks are out doing the job. >> reporter: did you see a lot of trucks out? some roads you said weren't. >> yeah. well, on my way over here it
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was pretty covered up. but, as i got here, i started to see salt trucks. >> reporter: if the snow ends during the day, you said it might warm up but at night you will deal with tricky issues again. >> that's right. when the sun gets down, it gets cold and we will be back out. >> reporter: on a day like today, how many bags of salt do you go through? i saw you reloading your salt spreader there. >> could be over 100. it's hard to say. >> reporter: so, people who have not been out who are getting rade for work, what do you say as far as the roads go. >> stay home. stay home. if you can stay home, stay home. >> reporter: and if you have to go out, the grownups have to work, what's your word of advice. >> be very careful. you know, in a while, the roads might get better, but for now the road are not that great. if you can stay home, do that. >> reporter: thanks so much. and you stay safe as well. >> thank you. >> reporter: you heard him. if you can, stay at home for a
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lot of the-- home. for a lot of kid, that's good news. but this is what you will have to deal with for the grownups. down here, sidewalks, you will have to shovel them. out there on the major roads, until the plows come through, they are pretty slick. so you want to be careful. and, again, like the snow, the wet snow is the packing snow. so as you can imagine, if sleet mix was this, it's going to get icy. so you want to be careful out there. we will have another live report for you in about 30 minutes. but for now, that's it for us here. back to you guys. >> all right, linda, so, live this morning. thanks so much. the storm is getting started and so the bulk of the coverage this morning will be focus on that. for additional coverage head to find closings and delays at the top of the page. you can also find out more about the storm and you can go to our facebook fan paining for the latest photographs as what you are seeing out there. justin is updating the blog and the website. so feel free to send us snow
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picks at pix at in other news this morning, new information about the the death of a police officer lastoctober of the officer thomas portz junior died when his cruiser slammed into the back of a fire engine. according to a local publication, an investigation reveals he may have been distracted by a film crew on the other side of the highway. there was an independent film crew on the westbound side of u.s. 40. the fire truck was stopped on the eastbound side responding to a call when portz crashed into it. after a state of the union speech focus on the ecomony, president obama hits the road this morning touting the exact same topic. he will travel to wisconsin as part of the white house to main street tour. emily schmidt is in washington with a closer look at the president's speech and the skeptical reaction. take a look. >> reporter: on a night when dozens of lawmakers sat together to erase the divide across the aisle, president obama said the stakes are higher than who wins the next election.
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>> after all, we had an election. the stake is whether new jobs and industries take root in this country or somewhere else. >> reporter: his main focus, the ecomony. >> i am proposing that starting this year, we freeze annual domestic spending for the next five years. [ applause ] >> reporter: he vowed to veto any bill with earmarks. and offered compromise on the health care law, the house voted to repeal. >> if you have ideas about how to improve the law by making care better, or more affordable, i am eager to work with you. >> reporter: the speech drew more bipartisan applause than usual but official responses were skeptical. for. >> for two years president obama made promises just like the one wees heard him make this evening. >> we hold to a couple simple conviction. endless borrowing is in the a strategy. spending cuts have to come first. >> reporter: one of the night's strongest statements came from an empty seat reserved for
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wound congresswoman giffords. her husband mark kelly watched with her in a hospital room. as the president called for civility. >> each of us is a part of something greater. something more consequential than parties or political preference. >> reporter: the president and his cabinet members will spend the rest of the week traveling the country to sell his economic plan. mr. obama begins with a trip to wisconsin later today. emily schmidt, abc news, washing to be. -- washington. representative gabrielle giffords has been upgraded to good condition and she will be moved to a rehab center this morning. gifford was moved to houston from tucson on friday. she had been treated there since being shot on january 8th. and in the fast-- in an assassination attempt that left six people dead and 12 others wounded. a news conference is planned to update her condition. time is 6:12. we will be covering the weather throughout the morning. we have got live crews out. we have got pictures and you weighing in and justin with the
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forecast. keep it here with abc2 news and "good morning, maryland" for the latest. >> we will be right back. but don't forget about the school closings and delays at the bottom of the screen. now up to new york for the latest in business news. >> reporter: good morning. we begin your money scope report with a new report claiming that financial crisis was avoidable. a government commission blames the disaster on failures in regulation, corporate mismanagement and risk take on wall street. "the new york times" got early look at the report which will be released tomorrow. another major recall for tieoeda this morning. they are recalling 1.7 million vehicles worldwide for various defects that may cause fuel leakage. that includes the is and gs lexus models. google is going on a hiring spree. the internet giant plans to add more than 6200 workers. but landing a job there is not easy. they receive more than 1 million applications a year. taco bell is threatening legal action against those suing the company for false advertising
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about the meat. the class action lawsuit claims the beef is about 65% fillers. and that is your money scope report. i am vinita nair.
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now, maryland he most four fop -- powerful doppler radar. 6:16. i want to thank all of you checking in this morning on my facebook page and sharing information. i wrote down notes. he want to give shout shout out to people sharing what they see -- shout out who people sharing what they see. let's start by the naval academy. they picked up ionch and a inch and a half of snow. being see the bright us in as the snow reflects the lights, an though it's hard to see what's coming down. we have more stuff. glen burnie. and looking at glen burnie, we have got some stuff turning
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over to freezing rain near fort meade. katy tells me 1 1/2 to 2 inches on the ground with the quick burst that came through. waking up right now, i want to let you know this started at three but came with a heavy burst of snow to drag down the temperatures. that's what allowed everything to stick. now we are pushing the warm stuff from south to north. through ellicott city, watch the lights come on. it lets you know -- jeff says the avenue has two inches on the ground. we have ourselves sykesville, laura said it's snowing like mad out there. they have close to two inches and she was near st. paul watching a car go uphill backwards. in trouble. let's show you what's going on in towson. we have ourselves about two inches on the ground. that is heavy wet snow. this is good for snowballs and snow men and sledding and it's wet and we do expect to have wet streets once we get from daylight. mount washington, two inches on the ground. and let's go towards bel air
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with 30 on the thermometer and matt says two inches of snow there. hereford zone. frgt north you get colder and snow and that determines what you end up with. 32 in annapolis. rain from south to north. perry hall freezing with the --flirting with the freezing mark. we are checking out maryland's most powerful doppler. there's the pink shading of sleet sleet and freezing rain and rain mixing in from north to south. glen burnie and north and back towards dundalk, we have ourselves snow right around the beltway. out 70 we have snow. and we have had it, the heavy snow band reisterstown through towson up through harford county. bel air south side fallston heavy snow. and an inch of snow. lighter amounts up across the border about an inch toward new freedom. two parts to the storm. part one this morning. and it will be bringing in warmer temperatures. we will get a little mix and we
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will get a break. the main hit, comes from this knot right here. it turns us over to heavy snow through the evening and ending after midnight. let's bring it in closer. let's breakdown the time lime. we are looking at the snow coming back in after four to eight. look for heavy snow. one to two inch for our rates. and it's done after midnight. we are looking for a icy start tomorrow morning. 31 and 34. wet roads during the day. more stickage to the north. we are looking at heavier amounts as we head into the north. and i have to show you this snow map but i've eaten up my time make my producer unhappy. total snow tomorrow morning, 8 to 10. northern carroll up towards southern pa. most of us, north of the beltway, bel air maybe in the 6010 range towards towson and owings mills and westminster. around the city, howard county, 5 to 8. sleetly lower amounts but andarundel, 3 to 6 inches when we are done this time
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tomorrow. kim, how about the traffic. >> reporter: how about that traffic? let's give you an update on the crash in howard county. southbound 95 approaching route 32, most of the lanes have been reopened. the far left lane remains closed from the crash that had the southbound lanes shut down. gill out on a limb and say this is plowed and treated at some point but with the precipitation coming down, most lanes have been recovered and don't expect all lanes open along the major interstates and highways. let's look live at cameras as we look right here. this is in terms of accidents. we have a crash on the outer loop of the south side beltway. not reported to be blocking lanes as of yet. dealing with that road closure in baltimore city on the east side because of the water main break. in anne arundel county, 97 southbound approaching new cut road, reports of a crash. not northbound bw parkway heading towards route 75
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reports of a vehicle off the roadway. so conditions are very slick even if the road have been treated. the road temperatures are very, very cold. and it is allowing for things to refreeze. head up in abington past 95 police remain on the scene of an accident there as well. now back to you. >> thanks. we will take a break from all the snow coverage to say happy birthday to all the people celebrating like william that sent in this picture of his grandchildren emma and mia. today is their second birthday. man they are cute. william says they are different. emma loves to dance and mia takes care of emma and helps her mother around the house. >> cute little girls. >> i like that. >> if you have having a birthday, we want to know. send an e-mail with an attached photograph of yourself a friend or family member or maybe your pet. morning show at get those in a day or so in advance so we can get the
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graphics whipped up and celebrate your birthday with everyone -- with everyone else here in maryland. picture is jackson that is not ready. so we will look at that later in the show. keep those pix coming in because we want to see all your pix of the day. all unique things. today would be great is. >> kid in the snow. >> snow pix. pets in the snow. >> i want to know what kids are doing since so many have the day off. if there are cool pictures, send them to us at morning show. >> time to move on. houdini is not. he is determined and also pretty stupe night yes. a suspect -- stupid. >> yes. a suspect jumps out of window of a cop car. and she was on the quest for love and seems things didn't work out. but, she got a dress, a ring and a venue for her dream wedding. now what she plans to do with all of it and the price tag will bogel your mind.
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entertainment news blue blood reigns supreme. the acd may rolled out the -- the academy rolls out the red carpet with "├▒the king's speech" the "social network "is the big contender nominated for eight awards. who needs a job when you're about to march yea prince? prince william fiancee kate middle to reportly quit her job. she works for her parents party supply business getting upity. >> all right. obviously the big story today is the weather. so stay with us. we have live team coverage this morning and, of course, justin has been busy in the weather center. >> closures and cancellation and delays on the lower third of the screen. we are keeping them updated. stay with us. when you've enen together as long as we have--
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good morning. aid controversial to being but law makers are not shying away at new push for same sex marriages here in maryland. a decorated war hero who dealt with unimaginable loss too bad he made the whole thing up. >> the president's plan to close a one trillion dollar budget deficit that made them laugh an


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